Hello! We’re Gabriella and Molly, two home cooks with a shared love of all things food. Our cooking is all about naturally healthy, seasonal, plant based ingredients that make you feel amazing. We also throw in a good treat every once and a while, because sometimes you just need a big slab of cake.

With Brighton as our base we founded Planted in 2016 as a pop up restaurant to inspire people to eat more plants. Quickly realising we were missing out on our favourite treats such as Danish Pastries and Cinnamon Buns, we set up the wholesale side to Planted in which we supplied Brightonian coffee shops and restaurants with cakes and pastries for over 2 years.

Our mission is to change the ‘bland and boring’ stigma attached to vegan food and inspire others to adopt a healthier lifestyle whilst still treating yourself every once in a while. Plant power!

We met whilst working at a Gelateria and bonded over our love of food and home life in the West Country. Our friendship grew stronger when we quickly realised we had both lost our Mums at a young age. Molly’s Mum passed away after battling cancer for 7 years and Gabriella’s due to complications of Type 1 Diabetes. After doing a lot of research, we decided to switch to plant based eating around the same time, with the belief that a whole food, plant based diet can be hugely beneficial for health.


When transitioning to plant based eating we struggled with finding options that really excited us whilst eating out. We found that eating at friend’s houses became increasingly difficult. We were always the awkward guests having to ask for something to be made specially to suit our choices. Going out for a coffee and a piece of cake became less enjoyable with typically only one option suitable, if any! And that’s when Planted was born. We wanted to create a place and a feeling of inclusivity whatever your food choices are, to show people that actually plants are pretty amazing. 

Our home kitchens quickly became recipe testing hubs, where we’d spend days testing out our newfound passion for plants. After a trial dinner with our friends, we launched our pop up evenings in April 2016. Planted pop ups are all about bringing people together to share delicious and nutritious food in a beautiful setting.

About Gabriella

Gabriella grew up in Germany before moving to Bristol when she was 8. Both her parents worked in the Restaurant industry, which is where she spent most of her childhood days. Landing her dream job as Gelato chef in 2014 surprisingly led her to become vegan after developing a bad cough linked to dairy. She has won 6 Great Taste gold stars and is half Pugliese.

About Molly

Molly has worked in hospitality since the age of 16. She has had widespread experience in restaurant and event management. A self-confessed meat lover, she went from working at Meat Liquor to Gelateria Manager to then becoming a full time vegan business owner. Her favourite food is ramen and she has a mild tattoo addiction.                          

Planted Pop up 20th August 2017 Brighton